Business Administration and Marketing Careers

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Students who have an interest in business leadership should consider earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration. These programs offer broad overviews of management topics like accounting, computer information systems, data analysis and financial basics.

With a degree in business administration, professionals may pursue careers in the private sector or work for government agencies. They also have the option to start their own businesses.

Marketing Manager

A business administration degree program provides students with the skills to manage a company’s operational resources. This includes marketing management, human resource management and more. The ability to work with a team is essential for success in this field, as is strong leadership.

A bachelor’s in business administration is a four-year degree that can lead to jobs in various industries. This type of degree can also serve as a foundation for advanced degrees like the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Some schools allow students to choose a concentration that will focus on a specific area of business, such as marketing or human resource management.

With a specialization in marketing, you’ll learn to develop a company’s brand and set the stage for increased sales. You’ll also build a strong foundation in market research and how to use consumer data to drive business decisions.

A career in marketing will provide you with the opportunity to work in a wide variety of industries, including retail, finance and manufacturing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for professionals in marketing and sales occupations are projected to grow by 7% between 2021 and 2031. If you decide that a career in marketing is right for you, consider pursuing a graduate degree, such as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). This terminal degree provides a strong basis in both theory and practice and can help you advance to roles like professor or researcher.

Sales Manager

In the world of sales, managers oversee teams and play a crucial role in the success of any company. This career path requires strong interpersonal communication and a knack for motivating a team to achieve the best possible results. Sales managers also analyze data, identifying opportunities to improve sales and what areas to focus on for better results.

A business administration degree with a marketing concentration may provide students with the skills to succeed in this field. The curriculum typically includes courses in accounting, business law and management fundamentals to help students understand how different aspects of a business work together.

Many programs include hands-on learning experiences to give graduates a taste of the professional world. For example, UNH’s business administration marketing program offers students a chance to gain experience in real-world situations such as developing marketing strategies and creating advertising campaigns.

A bachelor’s degree in business administration can open the door to a variety of career paths. In addition to a general business degree, many programs offer majors in specific fields such as marketing and management. Students should weigh their career goals to determine the type of degree that is right for them. Students can also visit with administrators at individual schools to learn more about the program and see how they might customize their educational path.

Management Consultant

Regardless of the industry, business management professionals are expected to possess analytical insight and leadership skills. In addition, they are also responsible for ensuring that the company has enough financial and physical resources to meet its goals. A bachelor’s degree in business administration helps develop these skills while providing the knowledge base needed to succeed in any organization. A business administration program typically allows students to choose a specialty, which can further hone their knowledge and career options.

A specialized degree is particularly useful for professionals interested in becoming management consultants. Management consulting firms are a lucrative option for business majors, especially because they usually offer attractive compensation packages and benefits. However, landing an entry-level position at a management consultancy requires significant experience and the ability to demonstrate relevant qualifications in a short period of time.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, aspiring management consultants can continue their education through a master of business administration (MBA) degree program. These programs teach the advanced concepts and skills required to manage teams, businesses, and organizations at a higher level. In addition, some MBA programs also provide students with the opportunity to choose a specialization, which can further tailor their studies to their career goals.

Marketing Specialist

A business administration degree prepares students for a range of management roles. It also offers a solid foundation for a career in marketing. Students interested in pursuing a career as a marketing specialist should consider enrolling in a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing program. This type of degree combines the broad knowledge offered by a business administration degree with specialized training in marketing strategy and tactics.

A degree in business administration teaches students how to manage teams, identify new market opportunities, and assess distribution systems. It also covers topics like global trends and the latest technology, preparing graduates for success in a range of industries. Students should choose a school with AACSB accreditation, and look for opportunities to apply their skills in the real world through internships or other work-based learning experiences.

Some students may already know what kind of career they want to pursue after completing their undergraduate studies. In these cases, a master of business administration (MBA) degree can help them move up the corporate ladder. MBA programs offer a variety of concentrations, and it’s important for students to weigh options carefully when choosing the best fit.

The BLS reports that jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree in business or management are expected to grow faster than average between 2021 and 2031. The number of jobs in this category will vary by industry, though, and will be dependent on how quickly the economy recovers.

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