Types of Risk Associated in Real Estate Investment

sonal gupta

Regardless of your age, financial situation or investment experience, real estate investing comes with some risks. It’s important to understand these risks and have a plan for managing them. Market risk refers to the volatility of the real estate market. This includes ups and downs in occupancies, interest rates, etc. […]

Real Estate Finance & Investments Risks and Opportunities

sonal gupta

Real estate finance & investments risks and opportunities is a comprehensive text that introduces students to the fundamental concepts of real estate finance. It covers topics ranging from real estate appraisal to investment and financing decisions. It also discusses the advanced theory and techniques of financial economics. Real estate offers […]

Why to Invest in Real Estate in India


The reasons for investing in real estate in India are as numerous as the investment opportunities. While it can provide you with a steady return over time, there are certain risks to consider. Listed below are some of the benefits and risks of investing in real estate in India. Before […]

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