What Do You Do at a Law Firm?

sonal gupta

Law firms can be large or small, offering a variety of practice areas. They can also focus on transactional legal work or litigation. Generally, new lawyers begin their career at a law firm as an associate. After a significant amount of time, they can become partners in the firm. Legal […]

What Can You Do With a Business and Law Degree?

sonal gupta

Getting a business law degree, like Southern Cross University‚Äôs postgraduate one, is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your legal obligations. This is particularly valuable in any industry that needs to meet government regulations. It also positions you to manage all your strategies within the legal boundaries, […]

New Rules For Divorce in India


Divorce is a very difficult and painful process. It involves a lot of paperwork and requires the assistance of a lawyer. It still represents a social stigma as it goes against the Indian traditional belief that marriages are forever. However, the divorce rules are being changed as per the need […]

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