Why Image Processing is Important in Computer Graphics


Image processing is the process of converting an image into a digital form and performing various functions on it. These functions enable us to enhance the image and extract useful information from it. The AWS image processing system treats images as equal symbols and performs functions on them according to […]

How Does Technology Impact on Society


What does technology society mean? It is a term used to describe the interdependence and interaction of technology and society. These two forces are co-producing and influencing each other, and we have found evidence of this relationship since the time when we first made tools. However, technology has never fully […]

The Importance of Technology in Society


The impact of technology is evident in nearly every facet of society. Laws, language, craftsmanship, and medical services have all been improved by advancements in technology. It has also improved the legal climate with video conferencing. Some people even use the internet to read and write. The microchip and the […]

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