Best Graduate Schools For Marketing and Advertising

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Marketing is a field that combines a variety of different pursuits. It can be a great career for creative, right-brained people who like to analyze and problem solve.

The best graduate schools for marketing and advertising offer students an educational experience that will help them excel in this area of business. Some programs offer online courses while others are offered on campus.

Bentley University

Bentley University is a private business school located in Waltham, Massachusetts. The university offers master’s degrees in accounting, finance, business economics, computer information systems, and more. It has a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1, and a high percentage of full-time faculty members.

Students can benefit from Bentley’s many campus activities and social events. They can fuel their passions, stretch their comfort zones and create lasting connections with other students. Students can also gain work experience through internships.

Bentley’s academics focus on combining business education with arts and sciences. The school offers 25 academic majors and allows students to customize their major. Students can also pursue dual majors. Bentley is known for its innovative teaching methods, including use of technology in the classroom. Its alumni include several prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Penn University

Benefits and activities

Penn is renowned for its interdisciplinary research and teaching. Its professors are among the most productive in the world in a number of disciplines, including epidemiology, business, communication studies, French, English, history, music, philosophy, sociology and political science. The university offers a unique One University Policy that allows undergraduate students to take courses in all its schools.

Its alumni include eight signers of the Declaration of Independence and three presidents, as well as several members of Congress and Supreme Court justices. Its faculty and students have made important contributions to scientific, cultural, social, and economic life. In addition to its prestigious academics, the school has a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. It is home to 165 research centers, many of which span multiple disciplines.

University of Florida

UF is committed to supporting students throughout their careers. Whether you’re just starting out, advancing to new levels or looking to enhance your current skillset, this university offers a variety of programs and tools that can help you become a better professional.

Students and faculty at UF are working together to push the limits of research in their fields. This research is helping to improve the lives of people around the world, from rehabilitating sea turtles to studying food and agricultural issues.

The University of Florida is a public land-grant, space-grant and sea-grant comprehensive research university with 16 colleges. It has been ranked among the top public universities by many publications, including U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and Forbes. Notable alumni include Tim Tebow, Emmitt Smith and other professional athletes as well as entrepreneur Daniel Brandon Bilzerian.

Arizona State University

The university has a lot to offer, and there are a wide range of benefits and activities for students. These include career fairs, networking sessions, certification courses, and cultural events. The school also offers a lot of scholarships and financial aid.

Academics at Arizona State University are focused on creating solutions to humankind’s greatest challenges and advancing knowledge. Its research is inspired by real world application, blurring the boundaries of academic disciplines. The school is committed to diversity and inclusion and welcomes students from all fifty states and more than one hundred nations.

The university’s graduate programs have been ranked top 10 in the nation, including homeland security and emergency management, supply chain management, urban policy, geochemistry, and elementary teacher education. The school is also a top producer of elite scholars, including Gilman, Fulbright, Boren and Killam scholars.

Missouri State University

Missouri State University is a public higher education institution located in the city of Springfield in the state of Missouri. It offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in several areas of study. The school is a member of the University System of Missouri. Its alumni are well-positioned in their careers after graduating from the college.

Students who attend MSU benefit from the support of their fellow students and faculty. The college also provides various facilities and services to students, including a library and sports facilities. Students can also take part in various clubs and organizations on campus.

Full-time employees can enroll in up to 15 credits per academic year and have their student fees paid by the University. This includes courses offered through the University’s training opportunities program.

Santa Clara University

SCU offers students a unique combination of academics, community and environment. The school is located in Silicon Valley, the world’s most innovative region. This makes SCU an ideal choice for those who want to stand out in their field and get a job at the top of their industry.

The university’s student body is diverse, and many students participate in volunteer activities. It is also known for its prestigious alumni. This includes governors, congressmen, mayors, and senators. Other notable alumni include the founders of Nvidia and Farmers Insurance, as well as Shemar Moore, the actor who played Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless and Sergeant Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds.

The university is organized into six professional schools and colleges. These include the College of Arts and Sciences, the Leavey School of Business, the School of Law, the Jesuit School of Theology, and the Engineering School.

Seattle University

Seattle University is a medium, private university with an urban setting. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. It was founded in 1891 and is a member of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The university is also a leader in sustainability.

Students at Seattle University are future focused and fearlessly exceptional. They balance self-reliance with interdependence, and they challenge accepted norms to advance knowledge and understanding of the world.

The alumni of Seattle University are famous for their achievements in many fields. They include celebrities, politicians, business people, and athletes. The list includes NBA legend Elgin Baylor and musician Quincy Jones. The university is also home to a number of research centers and institutes. The campus is well-maintained and provides ample space for study.

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